Experts Meeting on Teacher Management in Fragile States

23 September 2014 to 25 September 2014

The meeting will be co-organized by the International Task Force on Teachers for EFA with the Government of Liberia and will take place on 23-25 September 2014 in Monrovia, Liberia. It will mark the launch of the programme.

The objective is to develop a common understanding of the content and process of the initiative on teacher management among all stakeholders.


The expected outcomes are:

  • Country priorities are identified.
  • Intervention areas of organizations that are already involved in the field are mapped out
  • An action plan is elaborated, including the key components of teacher management as it applies to fragile states and how the plan will be implemented (as a group or pilot countries).
  • Pilot countries for implementation of the Teacher Management programme are identified.
  • A communication strategy for continuous sharing of experiences among the group is constructed (to be supported by the Teacher Task Force’s website);
  • A role for GEFI (Global Education First Initiative) Champion countries is defined.
  • A Resource mobilization strategy for supporting the action plan is developed.


The experts meeting will gather about 50 participants from fragile states in the International Task Force membership, experts and organizations with expertise and experience in working in fragile states.

Two questionnaires (one for countries, the other for organizations) are developed to elicit key issues and priorities of countries and the areas of focus of organizations’ interventions. (see questionnaires in Annex). Prior to the experts meeting, an analysis of the responses to the questionnaires will be undertaken by the secretariat. The result will be brought to the meeting as working document to feed the deliberations in Monrovia.

The meeting will be held in English and French, with simultaneous interpretation.

The meeting will include plenary sessions and group sessions. Plenary discussions will be facilitated by the Task Force secretariat and an international expert. Moderators and rapporteurs for breakout sessions will be chosen from the participants.

The Concept note including the Two questionnaires and the Agenda is available for download.