Mobile Learning Week 2014

17 February 2014 to 21 February 2014
French Republic

Mobile Learning Week (MLW) is the flagship UNESCO conference on mobile technologies and education.  Held annually, this event assembles a diverse group of stakeholders to share how affordable and widespread mobile technologies can advance Education for All goals.  


The theme of MLW 2014 is teachers

Teachers are the pillars of education systems and their involvement is crucial to the viability of ICT in education efforts. This is particularly true as mobile technology jumps from the margins of education to the mainstream, from informal settings to formal ones and from small independently-funded projects to large government-supported initiatives. Without the support of teachers in their myriad iterations—including those who work with children, youth or adults—technology generally remains peripheral to teaching and learning.

MLW 2014 will explore how mobile technologies can help teachers work more effectively in different contexts. Also, in light of the urgency of the global teacher crisis, UNESCO wants to better understand how mobile technology can help prepare new teachers and provide professional development to working teachers.

MLW 2014 will consist of four separate events, anchored by a two-day symposium:

  • PRE-SYMPOSIUM WORKSHOPS  – 17 February 2014
    The pre-symposium workshops will be dedicated to hands-on trainings and interactive demonstrations of mobile learning content, technology and interventions. Open event.
  • SYMPOSIUM ON MOBILE LEARNING – 18-19 February 2014
    The symposium will feature keynote speakers and numerous breakout presentations. Speakers will share lessons learned from past experiences and research and articulate ambitions for the future. The keynote speeches and breakout presentations will be organized around three distinct themes: mobile pedagogy; professional development; and policy. Also at the symposium, companies and organizations will exhibit new mobile learning technology and content. Open event.
    The senior policy forum will bring together high-level decision makers from Ministries of Education to discuss how mobile learning can advance shared educational goals, particularly as they relate to teachers and teacher training. Invitation only.
  • RESEARCH TRACK – 21 February 2014
    The research track will allow scholars to share findings from their investigations of mobile learning implementations. Research will pay particular attention to policies focused on teachers. Open event.

UNESCO looks forward to welcoming you at Mobile Learning Week 2014.

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