ADEA Roundtable of the ICQN-PE: Education, Peace and Development

26 July 2011 to 28 July 2011
Congo, The Democratic Republic of the

The Association for the Development of Education in Africa (ADEA) Inter Country Quality Node Peace Education (ICQNPE) together with the Kenyan Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Education of the Democratic Republic of Congo and UNESCO BREDA are collaborating to convene a roundtable focusing on education for young people and its role in developing peace building skills in response to situations of conflict and contexts of fragility.

The Roundtable which will be hosted from the 26 July – 28 July 2011 in Kinshasa will bring together technical experts from African education ministries including policy makers, and curriculum developers, as well as development agencies, donors and civil society partners from five countries in the region that are experiencing situations of conflict and fragility. Together, they will deliberate on education policy and practices that support education as a means to the capacity to build, keep and make peace in order to contribute to social cohesion, political stability and economic development.

These interactions will lead to deepened dialogue, knowledge generation, as well as enhanced understanding and commitment to implementation of initiatives and solutions to addressing the many challenges facing young people on this continent in order to contribute to the promotion of education for peace and sustainable development.

For more information, please refer to Roundtable documents in box 1 bellow :

Post Conference Documents

  • Report of the ICQN on Peace Education Round Table on "Education,Peace Building andDevelopment Policy Forum" , PDF

Conference Documents

  • Tentative Programme, PDF
  • Draft Concept Note, PDF
  • First Press release Tunis, 26 July 2011, PDF
  • ICQN Peace Education: Objectives, Mission and Strategies, PDF
  • UNICEF- Revitalizing education systems in transition, PDF
  • ICQN Peace Education Roundtable July 2011, PDF
  • Liberian Scenario, PDF
  • Presentation during the Peace Education Roundtable meeting, PDF
  • Peace Education Initiatives in Kenya, PDF
  • ADEA’s Education for Peace Studies: Some Preliminary Findings, PDF
  • INEE-Understanding education’s role in conflict and maximizing its contribution to peacebuilding, PDF
  • Presentation- Zimbabwe, PDF 
Inter-Country Quality Node: