ICQN on Mathematics and Science Education establishes Secretariat at CEMASTEA

The Inter-Country Quality Node on Mathematics and Science Education (ICQN-MSE) is in the process of establishing its organizational and administrative structure, within the Center of Mathematics, Science and Technology Education in Africa (CEMASTEA), which acts as the Secretariat for the ICQN-MSE in Nairobi, Kenya. This follows the decision made by ADEA in May 2014 to transform its Working Group on Mathematics and Science Education (WGMSE) into an ICQN.  

The Director of CEMASTEA, Mr. Stephen Mwaura Njoroge, has taken two major steps towards strengthening the new function of the Centre to act as the ICQN-MSE Secretariat. Mr. Patrick Kogolla, Coordinator of the ICQN-MSE has been of the heavy responsibility of coordinating the Centre’s training and academic programs to enable him dedicate more time to running the ICQN’s Secretariat.  Mr. Njoroge has also constituted an Internal ICQN-MSE Committee chaired by Mr. Kogolla and made up of leaders of the Centre’s five program areas of Primary Education, Secondary Education, SMASE-WECSA, Research and Development, and ICT Integration in Education. This Committee’s main responsibility is to plan, organize, and coordinate the implementation and reporting of ICQN-MSE activities. CEMASTEA’s Board of Management has also provided an initial budget line US$16,755 as running costs for ICQN-MSE for the period of July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015. 

These developments have already started translating into positive outcomes for the ICQN-MSE. The Committee approved the design of the ICQN-MSE website and designed the first issue of the ICQN-MSE quarterly Newsletter. It also prepared a draft concept note for a Ministerial Conference on Mathematics and Science Education to be held in 2015, which will serve as a platform for the official launch of the ICQN. 

For more information contact Patrick Aluma Kogolla, Coordinator, ICQN-MSE, pkogolla@gmail.com