The Gambia Education Management Information Systems Peer Review Report

The Republic of the Gambia Peer Review has an overall ranked score 3.18. Based on this score, the Republic of the Gambia Education Management Information Systems (EMIS) is perceived as producing statistical information that are acceptable (scores 2.6-3.3) as per the developed ECOWAS EMIS Norms and Standards. Most of the assessment on the scores was on MoBSE. There are a lot of challenges with the Ministry of Higher Education Research Science and Technology with regards the collection and production of a relevant, reliable, accurate, comprehensive and timely data on it sub-sector. The MoHERST, the Quality Assurance Authority and their lead partners should focus on capacitating the ministry to improve on the data accuracy, reliability and comprehensive coverage of data, particularly in the private sector.

The peer review focused on four thematic areas as follows Policy and Legal Frameworks, Resource Availability and Utilisation, Statistical Processes and Education Information Reporting.