Higher Education Management Information Systems Norms and Standards Benchmarking Framework for African Region

A key challenge facing institutions in the African Region’s is inability to report on its human resource development achievements and challenges is information gaps .This is a problem of inadequate data coverage of all education institutions (both public and private) and all subsectors in the education system. In other cases, it is the structural arrangements for the management of education in the absence of a policy and norms and standards for the management of education information. Some countries have more than one Ministry responsible for the delivery and management of education and therefore each Ministry collects its own data and information. Issues of duplication, varying definitions and poor coordination of sector wide data arise and thereby affect the quality and availability of education statistics. These issues are compounded when comparisons are made across countries. As a result few Member States are reporting comprehensively on all the required global education indicators. This tends to lead to a number of problems in monitoring and evaluating the performance of an education and training sector in countries and across the region.

This report presents benchmarking in the African Region Education sector, commissioned from Technical Consulting Group of Education Management Information System (EMIS) and Statistical as part of "Benchmarking to improve efficiency". The report presents a snapshot of current benchmarking activities and experiences in the Region Higher Education sectors and offers a benchmarking proposals to meeting educational institutions' needs in the Region, Africa and beyond.