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Teaching Profession Resource Materials for Multi-Grade Teaching Edited by QUIST, Dawn
Meeting the goals of providing quality universal primary education remains a major challenge to many countries. Multi-grade teaching is one way in which governments with limited resources can provide all children with a good quality education. This publication on Multi-grade teaching serves as a guide for teachers and teacher trainers and was designed as part of a wider partnership to assist countries to achieve quality universal primary education. It includes 7 modules which cover the following subjects: 1. An Introduction to Multi-grade Teaching; 2. Effective Teaching and Learning in Multi-grade Classrooms; 3. Classroom Management and Organisation; 4. Approaches to Teaching in Multi-grade Classes; 5. Instructional Resources and Resource Management; 6. Assessment and Evaluation; 7. Planning a Programme of Instruction for Multi-grade classes. ADEA Working Group on the Teaching Profession, Commonwealth Secretariat, 2005. ISBN: 0.85092-790-0 Price: £17.50. Also Available in French and Portuguese.

Teacher Management and Support in Tanzania: An Annotated Bibliography, 1985-2000 by Kiondo, Elizabeth
ADEA Working Group on the Teaching Profession. Commonwealth Secretariat, 2002. ISBN: 0.85092.725.0.
This annotated bibliography of Tanzanian sources of information on teachers’ education and support was compiled to create a comprehensive database of information resources on the subject. The objective was to capture efforts undertaken in Africa to address the problems and practical efforts that have been made. This is a useful guide for education managers, teachers, and various researchers to information sources such as books, research and evaluation reports, journal and newspaper articles, donor and government reports of materials related to teacher education management and support.

A Reference Guide for Teacher Managers by Halliday, Ian G.
Teachers’ World Series. ADEA Working Group on the Teaching Profession. Commonwealth Secretariat, 1999. ISBN: 0-85092-618-1. Price: £5.50.
This guide highlights procedures and practices aimed at assisting teacher managers. Checklists and references related to teacher management are included. The guide emphasizes the development of good management practices. It can be used to support management training programs for school principals, inspectors/advisors and education officers.

Developing a Professional Teaching Service by Halliday, Ian G.
Teachers’ World Series. ADEA Working Group on the Teaching Profession. _Commonwealth Secretariat, 1999. ISBN: 0-85092-617-3. Price: £5.50.
This document presents the rationale behind creating a national teaching council, presents guidelines and recommendations in creating and establishing such a body, and provides pertinent questions and answers on the role and function of a professional teaching service. Particular attention is paid to the management and role of professionally qualified teachers, as well as individuals from various backgrounds, who are assimilated in the education system as teachers.

Resource Materials for School Inspectors

  • Module 1: A Trainers Guide for the Induction of Newly Appointed Inspectors
  • Module 2: A Self-Study Guide for Newly Appointed Inspectors
  • Module 3: A Trainer’s Guide for Inset of Serving Inspectors
  • Module 4: A Self-Study Guide for Serving Inspectors

ISBN: 085092-573-8 ADEA Working Group on the Teaching Profession. Ministries of Education (SADC), Commonwealth Secretariat, 1998. Price for all 4 modules: £19.99.
Improving instructional work in schools and raising the performance of both teachers and pupils is the responsability of all the key actors in the education enterprise, including school inspectors and advisors. The school inspectors training modules cover critical areas identified by school inspectors in Africa, and are useful training tools and self-development resource materials. Modules 1 and 2: Are accompanied by self-study modules.

Progress Through Self-Evaluation: The Path to a Better School by Hogan, Joe.
ADEA Working Group on the Teaching Profession. Commonwealth Secretariat, 1998.
This module supplements two others: Self-Development for Educational Managers; and Monitoring School Effectiveness (see below). The module contributes to the development of an approach to school self-evaluation which encourages the school staff to look at what they are doing in a more systematic and critical way. It provides a first step in the application and practice of school self-evaluation. Three sections are included: An approach to self-evaluation; self-evaluation in the primary school; and self-evaluation in the secondary school.

Zanzibar Review and Recommendations
ADEA Working Group on the Teaching Profession. Commonwealth Secretariat, 1998.

Setting Staffing Standards for Schools by Halliday, Ian G.
Better Educational Management Series. ADEA Working Group on the Teaching Profession. Commonwealth Secretariat, 1998.
An effective curricula should not only provide a balanced educational diet. It should also be possible to convert it into an efficient timetable which maximizes the use of available staff. This book shows how teacher demand, and consequently, appropriate staffing levels can be determined for secondary schools of different sizes. A short chapter is also included about staffing in primary schools.

Legal Frameworks. A Study of the Legal Framework for Teacher Management in Three African Countries: Sierra Leone, Uganda, Zimbabwe By Bitamazire, G.; Chinery-Hesse, J.; Dupigny, A.; Gwaunza, E.; Lisk, I. and Rukanda, M.
Teachers’ World Series. ADEA Working Group on the Teaching Profession. Commonwealth Secretariat, 1996.
This report presents the findings of the study on legal frameworks for teacher management in Sierra Leone, Uganda and Zimbabwe and looks at the extent to which they are needed and applied. The overall objective of the study is to identify ways in which existing legislation, regulations, procedures and practices may be made more relevant to the interests of ministries and teachers.

Management Structures :A Study of the Function and Performance of Teacher Management Structures in Four African Countries: Botswana, Ghana, Zambia, Zimbabwe by Anim, N. and Halliday, Ian G.
Teachers’ World Series. ADEA Working Group on the Teaching Profession. _Commonwealth Secretariat, 1996.
This document presents the findings of a study on teacher management structures in selected African countries. It identifies the strengths and weaknesses of existing teacher management structures and makes recommendations for their improvement. It also provides some insight into the viability, usefulness and operation of such structures in an attempt to help future reform work.

Teacher Management and Professional Support Accra Review
DAE Working Group on the Teaching Profession. Commonwealth Secretariat, 1995.

Turning the Tables on Teacher Management by Halliday, Ian.
Commonwealth Secretariat, 1995.
Teacher Morale and Motivation in Sub-Saharan Africa: Making Practical Improvements by Makau, Ben and Coombe, Carol. 1994
.Resource Materials for School Heads

  • Module 1: Self-Development for Educational Managers
  • Module 2: Principles of Management
  • Module 3: Personnel Management
  • Module 4: Managing the Curriculum and Resources
  • Module 5: Financial Management
  • Module 6: Monitoring School Effectiveness
  • Module 7: The Governance of Schools
  • Module 8: Introductory Module: A User’s Guide

ADEA Working Group on the Teaching Profession. Ministries of Education (Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Namibia, Nigeria, Uganda, Zimbabwe), Commonwealth Secretariat, 1993.
These modules are intended to help school heads in Africa improve their managerial and professional leadership skills. They introduce school heads to important aspects of managing a school in a very practical way. The modules were produced by seven Ministries of Education (in Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Namibia, Nigeria, Uganda and _Zimbabwe). Four others (Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, Tanzania and Zambia) participated in the review of the modules. They have been tried among school heads and inspectors, teacher trainers and district officials in several countries.

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