The Challenge of Learning: Improving the Quality of Basic Education in Sub-Saharan Africa. Document prepared for the 2003 ADEA Biennial Meeting (Grand Baie, Mauritius, December 3-6, 2003).

This book is based on 22 country case studies documenting experiences with quality improvement programs in Africa, forty background papers and a review of unpublished African literature. It summarizes research findings on quality and quality improvement, equity and gender and documents changes in the way external agencies help countries make progress towards the EFA goals. It reviews experiences in sub-Saharan Africa related to the following issues: "Investments in inputs that are most cost-effective"; "Curriculum reforms to enhance relevance"; "Changes in instructional strategies and teacher development to improve school effectiveness"; and "Differentiation of programs and diversification of providers to improve equity of results". It explores how the emphasis on quality and equity affect the way education systems are financed and managed, and how student's learning progress is measured and monitored. Finally it provides a strategic framework for quality improvement. A summary of this book also exists (ISBN: 92-9178-052-9)

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